VPK With Christian Values

Sunlight Christian Academy shines the light of God’s Word into learning for children who bear his image and have a place in his care. At Sunlight Christian Academy we strive to provide a loving and safe environment in which children can explore God and His world from a distinctively Christian point of view.

Cultural Enrichment

Students enrolled in our full day programs will participate in a classroom journey around the world, visiting several countries and celebrating culture through a variety of learning activities. Children are introduced to art history, multiple languages, and global ecology. Literacy skills and math concepts are also reinforced within the cultural content for enhanced school readiness.

Bridge Class

Sunlight has designed a special program for those students who miss the VPK cutoff by only a few months. Children with birthdays from September through December are enrolled in our Bridge Class. Students participate in the core
three-year-old curriculum combined with an introduction to VPK standards. This unique class offers advanced learning for children who miss the cut-off age for VPK, but are ready for preschool learning.

On-Site Mobile Programs

Choose From a variety of optional special activities your kids can enjoy during school hours. These programs are offered during school hours so your evenings and weekends are free for valuable family time! Affordable payments are made directly to the providers.

Highly Qualified Teachers

Our teachers and staff are of an excellent caliber. They are well-trained educational professionals that are properly credentialed.

Cameras in Every Classroom

All of our classrooms are equipped with video cameras for safety and security. Online viewing is available to parents for an annual fee of $75. You'll be able to check in on your child from work or home for added peace of mind. The screen shot below is an example of what you'll see in our classrooms and playground. For a live demo, visit www.abckam.com.


More About Us

Peace of Mind for Parents


We are accredited by both Christian Schools of Florida and National Council for Private School Accreditation and meet or exceed all Florida State requirements.

About Us

We strive to provide a loving and safe environment in hich children can explore God and His world from a distinctively Christian point of view.

Voluntary Pre-K

If you live in Florida and have a child who turns 4 years of age by September 1, your child is eligible for Florida’s FREE VPK program.

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