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We offer a Christ-centered rigorous academic program with a healthy balance of teacher-directed and child-centered instruction. Through differentiation, collaborative learning and hands-on activities, teachers train our students to practice the Blooms Taxonomy model of higher-order thinking.  Our goal is to create life-long learners and encourage students to utilize their gifts and talents to make this world a better place.

SCA utilizes a variety of curriculum and resources to ensure students have a deep understanding of State and National Standards. The following subject areas and domains are the basis of our elementary content in correlation with Florida and National Standards:

Language Arts 

• Reading
• Reading Standards from Informational Text
• Reading Standards for Literature
• Reading Standards: Foundations Skills
• Standards for Speaking and Listening
• Writing Standards


• Counting and Cardinality
• Operations and Algebraic Thinking
• Number and Operations in Base Ten
• Measurement and Data
• Geometry


• Earth and Space Science
• Life Science
• Nature of Science
• Physical Science

Social Studies

• American History
• Civics and Government
• Economics
• Geography


• Christian Worldview Grounded in Scripture



• Motor Skills
• Speed, Output, Fluency, Automaticity


• Spanish
• Art
• Physical Education
• Music
• STEM/Lego Engineering
• Cultural Enrichment


Christian Character Development

• Self-Concept, Self-Control, Relationships with Adults/Peers, Social Problem-Solving, Spirituality
For a complete list of all the Florida Standards by grade level and subject click here: Link to Florida Standards