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Summer Intensive Reading bootcamp*

Here are Sunlight we understand Reading is an integral part of learning.  Without a strong reading foundation students will likely struggle in subject areas.  This will not only have a negative effect on their grades, it can also be detrimental to a child's self-esteem and love of learning.  We are pleased to introduce a new summer intensive program for students entering grades 1st-6th, providing the support children need to strengthen their reading skills and boost their self-esteem implemented in a small group setting. Our instructors use the Orton-Gillingham method, which is a multisensory approach for elementary students with or at risk for word-level reading disabilities*.

Sammie's Summer Intensive Reading Boot Camp offers students the following features:

  • Students will be instructed by a Level 1 Certified Orton-Gillinham Instructor.
  • Systematic teaching of phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding, and spelling to build word recognition and strategies to help students with literacy skills.
  • Targeted fluency instruction to build reading rate and prosody.
  • Comprehension instruction to include background knowledge, vocabulary and strategy use.
  • Instructional activities tailored to individual students based on assessed needs.
  • Small group instruction for groups of 5-6 students.
  • Beginning and end diagnostic benchmark assessment performed to measure growth.
  • Optional “wrap-around” program for students who wish to enjoy SCA's summer camp for part of their day.

*At least one of the following needs to be applicable for current SCA students:
1. The student is currently in pull-out intervention in the area of reading with minimal success, according to both the interventionist AND the teacher.
2. The student has a current ASP.
3. The student is reading and writing below grade-level expectations, according to the SCA teacher.

We would love to support your child this summer by strengthening their reading skills and improving their love of learning!  

NOTE: This is a new program and we have limited availability.  We are offering it to current students as of now but may be able open to the public in the near future.  Check this page for updates.  Thanks!