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Sunlight Kitchen

Preschool Students who are present for Lunch Buddies and/or Full Day are eligible to participate in our Preorder Lunch Program OR Pizza Fridays only.  

  • Preorder Lunch Program fee for preschoolers is $90/month; first payment is in August and last payment is in May.
    • 3-yr-olds attending 3-Days/wk receive 40% off and 2-Days/wk receive 60% off the monthly rate. 
  • Pizza Friday Program fee for preschoolers is $25/month, August through May.
  • The preschool lunch program is an annual lunch fee based on 180 school days divided up into monthly payments. 
  • Students may withdraw from the program anytime during the year, however, prorated refunds will not be granted. Upon cancellation students will remain in the lunch program through month-end and invoices will stop at the beginning of the next month.
  • Lunch will be delivered directly to participating students in their preschool classrooms. 
  • The preschool menu can be seen below and accessed for ordering in the FACTS family portal 

Instructions for Preordering

  • Family Portal/Student/Lunch/Create Web Order
  • Select an item from each category for the following week, scroll to the bottom and click “order items”.

View the menu items below to see if this program is right for your child.  If you would like to sign up use the form below the menu to sign your preschooler up for the program. 

Preschool Lunch Program Sign Up Form
  • I understand upon receipt of this form SCA will charge my FACTS tuition account the first month's payment.  Payments will be invoiced on the first of every month thereafter.  

    I understand lunch fees consist of an annual fee based on 180 school days, which is divided up into 10 monthly payments.

    I understand refunds will not be issued if my child is absent or for emergency closures.

    I understand if my account is delinquent lunch delivery will be temporarily suspended until paid.

    I understand if I decide to cancel the lunch program this will take effect on the first of the month following the cancellation.  Monthly rates will not be prorated and refunded until cancellation is complete on the first of the month.

    Type your first and last name below agreeing the the above policies. If you have any questions please email Thank you! 

K8 Students
  • Elementary students enjoy lunch in our fellowship hall daily.  Students may bring a packed lunch or purchase lunch.
  • Sunlight Kitchen provides hot lunch for only $5/day. 
  • The K8 Lunch menu is provided below and in our school monthly newsletter.  The menu on the portal is only for preschool.
  • Families simply add funds to child's lunch account via their Family Portal; this can be easily accessed by clicking on the "graduation cap" icon at the top upper right-hand corner of our website and entering in your login information.
  • A minimum of $25 is required for your initial deposit.  For families with multiple children this is per child.
  • Students will provide their student # in the lunch line and $5 will be deducted for each day they enjoy lunch.  
  • Notifications emailed to families when lunch accounts have only $10 remaining, providing a reminder to add funds.
  • Students with delinquent accounts will not be able to order lunch until the account is replenished.
  • To add funds, simply log into the portal, select "Financial" from the menu on left, and click "add funds".  See below :

Elementary Lunch Menu

(Preschool Menu can be found above and in the Family Portal. The Middle School Menu is emailed weekly through the Meal Manage program.)