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Summer Camp Policies & Procedures Acknowledgment
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    Summer Online Camera Access - PRESCHOOL FAMILIES ONLY
    • Our Preschool Families (students entering the 3s, VPK AND Kindergarten this fall) are provided with the option to access our online security cameras for a fee of $150 for the summer.  
    • Please note: camera access does not carry over from the school year.  
    • The cost for summer access per family is $150. 
    • Each family is allowed to create up to 4 unique log in IDs to be used by each member of your family.  
    • You may purchase access by visiting our Supernova Spirit Store here:
    NOTE: Access information handed out in the school foyer on the first day of camp.
    SCA now utilizes our FACTS SIS system for parents to check their students in and out each day by scanning their fingerprint. This means any families who do not have a current student enrolled at SCA throughout the school year do not have fingerprints scanned into our system yet. All designated guardians MUST have their fingerprints registered in order to pick up or drop off children. 
    Parents may come to the preschool foyer to scan fingerprints on the following dates/times:
    • Weds. 6/7 between 9:30am-11:30am 
    • Thurs. 6/8 between 1:30pm-3:30pm
    • Families may also scan their fingerprints on the first day of camp attendance.
    Anyone listed as an emergency contact may do this the first time they pick up your child by showing us their ID.  Therefore, there is no need to set anyone up in advance who does not come on a regular basis.
  • Thank you for reviewing and agreeing to our SCA Summer Camp Policies and Procedures.  We are very excited about all the fun activities we have planned for your kiddos this summer.  If you have any questions please feel free to email  God bless!

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